Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sometimes it's the little things

I wanted to write a post today but I felt like I had nothing to write about. After all, we haven't even left Bivalve since the last time I wrote. But then I realized that the little, seemingly insignificant moments are often worth remembering just as much as  -if not more than- the big events. Like sitting on the dock at the lake with a friend and reminiscing about the past, talking about life, and dreaming about the future while gazing up at millions of perfectly placed stars. Or sitting around the table with the crew and laughing over the most ridiculous things that most people probably would not even find funny. Or realizing that I have absolutely no idea where I'll be in a year and that the world is bursting with possibilities.

Even though I've only been with the Meerwald for about two months, it feels like I've been here much longer and I feel at home here. It's funny how -as a friend of mine says- "The more you travel, the less home feels like home and the more you feel at home everywhere". Sometimes I feel like a crazy hobo without a "real" job and a "real" home (try telling a bunch of fifth graders that your only home is a boat) but I wouldn't trade the life of a traveler for anything.  I may never be rich but I never worry about what I will eat or where I will sleep and I'm surrounded by wonderful people.
My bunk

Someday, I would like to get my Master's and a job that requires my hard-earned degree a little more but right now I couldn't be happier, embracing every opportunity that comes my way and learning about people and the world by spending time with real people and living in the moment and experiencing the incredible world around me!
Sunsets are amazing!

Some of my highlights of the week:

*Stargazing and talking about everything and anything
*Riding my bike to work and enjoying the peacefulness of the morning and the beauty of the sky and marshes
*Hanging out with the crew and laughing
*Teaching kids who were actually excited about what I was teaching!

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